Does An Enclosed Porch Add Value To My Home?

To increase the value of your home, consider enclosing an existing porch or covered patio space with either a screen room or sunroom. Your home is much more than just the interior.  First impressions are crucial, and the outdoor environment adds lots of ambiance to your home. When you want to be comfortable both inside and out, an enclosed porch can be the best of both worlds. Outdoor projects are among the best investments you can make in your home to improve its resale value, so it should be no surprise that most homeowners are able to get around a 75 percent return on investment for a screened-in porch. 

A Few Benefits To Consider

Added Living Space – Imagine being able to enjoy your porch in the cold months with a glass of hot chocolate, some relaxing music, and your favorite book or newspaper. Imagine not having to add in this space but just install custom screened porch panels that are customized for your existing patio. You can enjoy your enclosed porch 9 months or more of the year. Today, one of your choices is a transparent vinyl window product that will never break like a standard window glass. You can enjoy the feel of natural light and breeze while maintaining the comfort of indoor living. You can use this additional space for your office, a place to sleep in the summer, or a recreational area with comfy chairs and tables. Truly surround yourself with outdoor beauty and indoor comfort.

Protection From Pests And Uncooperative Weather – The screen and window walls also keep out insects, making sure you can relax on your enclosed porch without having to deal with annoying pests. Plus, the enclosure protects you from the rain, snow, wind, and whatever the weather decides to do.  Most families say their enclosed porch is their favorite room in the house. You will enjoy lots of quality family time there.

Remodeling your porch and creating additional living space can add value and functionality to your home. Make sure that you discuss your project thoroughly with your design-build contractor before construction begins. They can help you to create a space that will seamlessly match your home’s existing architecture and can provide you with all the additional comfort your family needs!

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