Door Installation and Repair – Tips For Keeping Wood Entry Doors Looking Their Best…

Large front entry doors are an amazing staple to the curb appeal of your home. Unlike steel or fiberglass doors, natural wood entry doors require maintenance to keep that beautiful appeal. If you stay ahead of the natural degradation of the finish, the wood doors will last for a very long time.

Dealing With Minor Damage and Oxidation

Although the overall before photos below may not look terrible, the doors did need some maintenance attention. The close up photos, shown later in this post, provide examples of the minor damage and oxidation. Oxidation will cause the outside of the door to look chalky and dirty. If these minor blemishes are not fixed, the actual wood of the door will become susceptible to moisture deterioration (rot). Once the rot starts, the scope of repair becomes more involved than what we would consider maintenance.

The Door Isn’t Dirty, It’s Varnish Is Breaking Down

The next few pictures are where a trained eye comes in handy. Most homeowners may look at the doors and think its simply dirty. What may appear to be dirt and water stains is actually the varnish of the doors breaking down. Once the outside coating is compromised, the actual wood structure of the door becomes exposed to the many elements of Cincinnati seasons.

Sanding Is a Must Before Applying New Varnish

A key step to restoring the finish of the large wood front doors is sanding. Sanding the doors by hand will provide a solid, straight, and somewhat coarse surface for the first coat of varnish to adhere to. As shown below, this step in the process is where, “it gets worse before it gets better.”

After sanding and the first coat of varnish is applied, another light sanding will take place to smooth out any dust or debris that may have stuck to the first coat of varnish. The second sanding is again vital, as it provides the proper surface for a strong bond between the varnish and the door face. From here, the final coat of varnish is applied. The result is always well worth the work. This door will now weather the elements for years to come.

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