Tips For Help You Find the Best Commercial Contractor to Remodel Your Office

Remodeling a home or office can bring many challenges. Hiring an office remodeling contractor will make your life much easier and in end, many times, less expensive.

Remodeling a Business Office

Office remodeling can be done for various reasons, whether your office needs a simple update, you are just getting started on your venture, or you need more workspace. Remodeling is certain to impress workers, investors, or any other associates with your business.

Remodeling Steps That Ensure Remodeling Success

  • Goals – List your goals for the remodel, including the preferred designs
  •  Budget – Budget cost of labor, office supplies and remodeling materials. What stays and what goes.
  • Coordination – If you are planning on remodeling yourself, you will need to coordinate the crew that will assist with the remodel. Hire a contractor and you can check this off your list. It’s a BIG thing to take of your list.
  • Timeline – There are several factors to consider. The workforce, the complexity of your design, and what needs to be done first and so on. Don’t forget having staff move to different areas while the work is completed.

TIP: Keep in mind that it is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to create the plan of the remodel with advice from your contractor. It is the contractor’s responsibility to put your plan into motion and oversee the process.

What Is The Cost of an Office Remodel?

The cost for an office remodel varies. It depends on the size of the office, the design you have in mind, condition of the office and other factors as well. Get several estimates and make sure you are comparing the bid correctly.

How To Choose the Best Office Remodeling Contractor?

Finding a contractor may not prove to be that difficult, however not all will be the most suited for office remodeling. Consider the following aspects prior to hiring a contractor…

  • Licensing and InsuranceReputable contractors should have a license and insurance. It is very important that you know this upfront. They may do a great job, but without a license, they are likely not qualified to perform the remodel. The license can prove that they are qualified for the remodeling job. Make sure the contractor provides proof of insurance. This will relieve you of any responsibility if someone gets injured during the remodel. TIP: Make sure you get a copy of the contractor’s license and insurance. Some contractors may say they have license and insurance, but in fact do not.
  • What Specialty Does Your Contractor Have?There are different types of contractors. Some contractors may be considered a general contractor and others may have more experience and skills in a specific area, such as remodeling. Find a contractor who has office remodeling experience. The results will be determined by the contractor’s experience and skills. TIP: Professional training in office remodeling and renovation is the only way to know for sure that your contractor has the skills to complete your project.
  • Cost – Not all contractors charge the same fee for office remodeling. Contractors will base their fee on the size of the office, the complexity of the design, condition of the office and length of time to complete the job. Make sure you research multiple contractors and compare the cost estimates from each one. This will make it easier to budget your office remodel. TIP: Don’t base your decision on the contractors’ fees alone. Make sure you take all the factors into consideration.
  • Reviews/References  From Past Clients – The best way to research your prospective contractor is feedback from previous clients. If you have positive feedback from previous clients, then that will help guide you in the right direction. TIP: It may prove to be difficult to track down previous clients of the contractor. If the contractor is willing to provide their information, then this should let you know he is confident in his skills.
  • Contractors Crew – The position of the contractor is also to coordinate subcontractors to complete some of the remodeling tasks. The team will likely consist of plumbers, electricians, designers, and material suppliers. It’s a great idea to meet the entire team and know who is designated for each task. The contractor should introduce you to all of them. It’s a great idea to work with a contractor who is willing to delegate some of the roles to others. This will help expedite the completion of the remodel and ensure that each person is handling what they specialize in. TIP: Keep in mind that the more crew that is hired to complete the remodel, the more the cost could be. Make sure you are aware of how many subcontractors will be on the job before the project begins.
  • Contract – A verbal contract is not a way to conduct official business. Make sure you get the contract in writing. If it’s not in writing, then holding the contractor accountable if any legal issues arise will be a serious issue. Asking for a written contract is a general way to conduct official business. This is a lot of money invested and the contractor should be understanding of this. Make sure both parties understand the contract and sign it. TIP: Make sure the contract includes the expected date of completion, cost, and the intended outcome of the project.
  • Getting to Know the Contractor – Don’t rely on communicating with the contractor by emails and text messages only. You should always meet him in person. Developing a good business relationship with your contractor will help alleviate any concerns you may have. Do your research and if you are hesitant at all, don’t hire them. Have a meeting in person and this will help you get a better feeling of their character.

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