Exterior Entry Door – BEFORE & AFTER!

Exterior entry doors are a key and vital component of any home. Although there are many styles of doors they all are designed to provide important home security, natural light, and necessary protection from the elements. Just like your roof or siding, entry doors are your homes first line of defense and take a real beating over the years.

Recently, a client in the Cincinnati area contacted us about replacing their sliding door unit. The sliding door unit they had was original to the house, circa early 1960’s. The door was not functioning well and lacking in not only the efficiency but visual department as well. As you can see in the Before photo below, the sliding door was in need of an upgrade.

Exterior Patio Sliding Door Cincinnati Door Install

Now for the fun part. Our team installed a Marvin quad door unit in the existing opening. Prior to the install some homework had to be done. Measuring and checking the framed opening is a key step to helping the install go smoothly. Many times we can source a door unit that is very close to the original size. The Marvin sliding door unit we installed was slightly smaller than the framed opening.

To combat the “gap” around the new slightly smaller unit, wood blocking was used to provide solid structure for mounting. In addition to blocking, we insulated, sealed, and installed trim inside and out. Adding insulation is a step that should never be skipped. Without that added detail, your home’s efficiency will suffer regardless of how energy efficient the new door unit is.  

Our goal at Building Concepts has always been and always will be to provide our clients with the best service and highest quality materials for our Greater Cincinnati customers. A great example is the synthetic exterior trim we used on the outside of this door unit. Wood trim would have been the cheapest solution but wood has a far shorter lifespan than the newer synthetic materials on the market. We discussed the options with our client and decided on installing a high quality synthetic trim. Synthetic trims are able to be painted and mounted in the same manner as wood. The major benefit of the material is it will not rot and will hold up to the elements far longer than any comparable wood trim.

After the synthetic trim was painted, the door unit and synthetic trim combination significantly improved the look of their home. Check out the new Marvin sliding door unit below! For more door pictures click HERE.

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