6 Tips For Renovating Your Rental Property Kitchen…

A kitchen is one of the first rooms a prospective tenant will want to see. If it’s not up to their standards, they may not want to rent your property. The kitchen is not only for preparing meals, but it’s also the center for family or social gatherings in the home.

Invest In Energy Efficient Appliances

One of the most important things to invest in is kitchen appliances. A cheaper appliance will likely not withstand tenant after tenant. It is best to choose mid-grade as not to over-invest either. Energy-efficient appliances would also appeal to tenants to help reduce energy bills. Built-in appliances are also a great option as they are much easier to clean than free-standing. Consider converting any gas appliances to electric to reduce the risk of fire.

Update The Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinetry is going to be an area that you will need to be strategic. For instance, you will want to use plywood under sinks due to exposure to water as it doesn’t swell or disintegrate like other wood.

Sufficient storage is a must in the kitchen, most rental properties don’t provide enough. Tall cabinetry that reaches the ceiling is another benefit with less surface area for dust.

Choose material that is resistant to heat, stains, and moisture. Also, consider neutral colors which will also appeal to tenants as to coordinate with any accessories.

Fixtures And Backsplash

Replacing your plumbing fixtures can revamp the kitchen and provide a more modern look. Install low-flow faucets to be more energy efficient and to prevent replacing often, invest in higher quality fixtures. Adding a backsplash can brighten the kitchen and will most of the time, be inexpensive.

Paint The Walls

While painting the walls will certainly beautify the kitchen, the color choice will need to be neutral. Tenants will want to bring in their own accessories that will coordinate with the paint.

Replace Doors And Countertops

Replace the doors with higher-quality material. Melamine is inexpensive but very durable. High-end doors will increase the value of your investment.

Stone countertops are a great option versus laminate. Quartz requires no maintenance; Granite is another great option but will need seal applied regularly.

Laminate is another choice since it is affordable, functional, and stain-resistant, but it’s not as durable.

Counter Space

Most tenants are looking for functionality, apartment size refrigerators and cooking ranges are all they need. Upgrading to double sinks, a large fridge, or a cooking range isn’t necessary.

Choosing single sinks and moderate-size appliances will maximize counter space.

In essence, are you wanting to renovate and give a modern touch? Or are you wanting to provide an energy-efficient kitchen? Whichever you choose, the retention rate of your tenant will improve with a renovation.

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