Why Choose One Variety Of Exterior Door Over Another?…

When choosing a new exterior door, make sure it provides energy efficiency as well as gives your home a new updated look.

Here are some ways to get you started in the process:

Entry Door Options

· Wood– While popular for its beauty, it requires more maintenance and tends to be more expensive than other options.
· Steel– This is known to be the least expensive option, but it doesn’t last very long and is easily damaged.
· Fiberglass– Fiberglass is durable, energy efficient, and basically maintenance free. There many color options available and they look very similar to wood doors.

Sliding Glass Doors

These are a very nice option if you are limited on space, as they slide on tracks. The downside to this choice is that they only open partially and can sometimes create a lot of noise when opening and closing.

French Doors

If you are limited on space, this would likely not be a great option as they provide a sophisticated look but open widely to give maximum air flow.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are easy to install. They are versatile and secure and have multiple locking points.  However, the many frames that go along with this option, may also obstruct views.

Lift And Slide Doors

These may look like sliding doors; however, they operate much differently. When opening, you turn the handle down, then lift the door panel upward from the track. The door will then easily open with little effort as it rolls on heavy duty wheels. These doors are customizable, so you can design any size opening you need.

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