Bathroom Remodeling Tips – How to Remodel Your Bathroom So It Becomes More Functional…

Compartmentalizing your bathroom can increase functionality and privacy. Describe your ideal “bathroom” and the word “functional” will probably come to mind. Your bathroom serves so many different purposes and it’s one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in the home. Homeowners not only want more bathing spaces in their homes but they also want more amenities. One moment it’s a bath-time playpen for the kids, full of toys, bubbles, and noise, and the next it’s a candle-lit, jazz-infused meditation retreat, perfect for some downtime once the kiddos have gone to bed. There is more opportunity to maximize your bathroom’s functionality than you might expect. So, how do you make this most important room in your home more functional? Some ideas are more involved than others, but each one of the following adds an element of practicality and usability to your home.

Make your Bathroom Functional by Eliminating the Bathtub

Consider replacing your bathtub with a tub to shower conversion. This functional improvement may add square feet of usable space to your family’s bathroom and offer a much more practical bathing option. Most homeowners prefer a shower to a tradition tub. Designing a functional room requires planning, good information, and careful thinking about your layout. Partner with an experienced profession for this involved renovation. It will make this upgrade an enjoyable and functional experience.

Make Your Bathroom Mobility Friendly

Recent data shows mobility-friendly bathrooms are prized by home buyers, and can drive up your home’s value more than almost any other upgrade. Make your bathroom more functional and welcoming by adding grab bars. Modern grab bars can complement a bathroom’s aesthetics and can help prevent slips and falls from all family members.

Make Your Bathroom Convenient With Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

A variety of modern and classic mirror styles in a hinge or sliding design, means there is a model to complement any aesthetic. For families with young children, this added space will help keep toiletries and medicines tucked away from curious hands. These mirror/cabinet combinations not only add beauty and depth to your bathroom, but they offer lots of extra storage where you need it most.

Make your Bathroom Bright With Upgraded Lighting

Too often lighting a bathroom is low on the list of priorities relative to other rooms in the house. But with bathrooms becoming larger and more elaborate, proper lighting is essential to making the most of the space. Upgrading your bathroom lighting is a powerful way to make the room more functional. Not only is new lighting one of the most immediately rewarding bathroom improvements you can make, it’s among the most affordable. As you might expect, there is a seemingly endless variety of light fixture designs, which means your lighting upgrade can be as beautiful as it is functional.

Make your Bathroom Fashionably Functional

When it comes to minimally invasive and practical bathroom upgrades, it can be hard to beat towel hooks and towel bars. Adding new towel hooks and towel bars is a simple, affordable, and functional upgrade to your bathroom’s look. Modern bathroom designs continue to blend aesthetics and practicality, and these handy accessories are no exception. A variety of materials, colors, and finishes make for an impressive finished product, even to the most discerning homeowner.

Make Your Bathroom Cozy by Warming Up Your Floors

To avoid a cold tile floor, consider adding radiant heat, which is simply an electric heating element that the tile installer puts underneath your finished floor. Set it on a programmable thermostat, and it’ll have the floor warm to the toe when your alarm goes off in the morning. That will be a small increase to your project costs, but it will make your new bathroom a comforting, functional, and peaceful retreat.

Make Your Bathroom Tidy And Organized

Dual sinks allow you and your spouse to get ready for work or a night out on the town at the same time. You can also have separate work and storage spaces. Installing a new vanity instantly improves the storage capacity and usability of your bathroom. Keep towels, toiletries, and all other daily essentials neatly organized and tucked away. Think of the function a new vanity with the additional counter space can offer. If you need help with choosing the right sink and vanity, speak with an experience designer for some professional help. This is a chance for you to add your personal sense of style to your bathroom!

Make Your Bathroom Practical With Accessories For Your Shower

Built-in benches and shelving are clever and completely practical accessories for your shower. They make bathing more convenient and enjoyable. Manufactured stone pieces offer a permanent and secure solution to storage and seating in your shower.

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