Mid-Century Basement Remodel (Cincinnati, Ohio)

The before pictures of this basement remodeling project tell the majority of the story here. Our client on the east side of Cincinnati did not have much use for the space the way it was. There was old tile on part of the floor, partial framing , and an overall an overall lack of functional living space. Our team demo’d the existing “walls” and started from a blank slate. Working closely with the homeowner and designer, we added walls to divide the living space from the storage areas. Most of today’s home designs focus on open concepts. On this basement remodel we had the challenge of dividing off storage areas and piping while retaining that open feeling. Looking closely you can see we maximized the open space and even added a half bath!Basement remodels like this are rewarding. We took underutilized space and maximized efficiency for our Cincinnati client. We were able to add several hundred square feet of space, a small bathroom, all while retaining ample amounts of storage.

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