Why Restaurant Remodeling and Renovations Requires a Very Experienced Contractor…

A gorgeous renovation has a considerable impact on your restaurant and customers, making your space the new hotspot that everyone’s talking about. Deciding on remodeling your restaurant and putting your decision to practice is not an easy task. All you need is to find the best restaurant remodeling contractor. Restaurants always compete for a new look. Read on to learn what steps you should take to find a restaurant contractor that will bring your vision to life.

Why It Matters to Have a Contractor:

There are a lot of areas specific to restaurant renovation, such as the Health Department, building code requirements, equipment accommodation, and HVAC considerations. Experienced commercial contractors know what to expect and deliver on work contracts without problems. Even if you are a DIYer, you cannot handle the intensity of remodeling a restaurant. Getting a contractor will speed up the process, help with design ideas, handle all the legal aspects and city codes, and help in purchasing remodeling supplies.

Improvements to Think About

The restaurant industry is constantly challenged to keep up with generational trends, health inspections, and evolving food preferences. At some point, a restaurant renovation, whether it is big or small, will be a necessity. Besides making the restaurant look elegant, you also need to consider the efficiency and restaurant space.

A few suggestions to implement in your remodeling:

    • Upgrade the heating and air conditioning
    • Change the lighting design
    • Think about upgrading the ADA requirements
    • Spruce up the entrance and upgrade stairs and hallways
    • Change the bar setup
    • Improve all kitchen cabinets and appliances
    • Consider new faucets, sinks, backsplashes, and countertops

Figure Out How to Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

The budget is always one of the most important things to consider with a restaurant remodel. If you find that you ultimately can’t afford a complete overhaul, you can still make a dramatic impact with a few key upgrades. You want customers to notice the changes, but you also want it to fit within your budget. Think about which affordable changes are most important to you. Maybe it’s adding sophisticating lighting or adding in some nooks and booths for a cozier feel. Or, you might want to add some brightness by changing the color scheme throughout. Some restaurants are able to add an inexpensive modern look by exposing brick walls or ceiling beams. By thinking through each detail of your restaurant makeover, you can come up with a plan that will attract new customers and wow your old ones. And, you’ll keep restaurant renovation costs in check, so you can achieve the end result of a brand-new look without harming your bottom line.

Find The Right Contractor

This is perhaps the biggest restaurant renovation cost you will have, so you want to be sure you find someone reputable and trustworthy who does excellent work. It should also be someone who has specific experience in restaurant design. As tempting as it might be to hire your handyman neighbor (which is okay for small jobs), a full renovation requires a bit more expertise. To avoid disappointments, you need to select the right restaurant modeling contractor.

Consider the following aspects:

    • Experience: You need to look for an expert in commercial remodeling to handle your restaurant remodeling project. Do not allow your project to be the first commercial remodeling job for a contractor. Only a pro can get that outstanding design for your restaurant. You will have to do some research to find that perfect contractor and it may take some time, but it will be worth it.
    • Forms and Codes: Restaurants have to deal with health departments, ADA requirements, and city and state building codes. Only experienced contractors are familiar with all those requirements.
    • A Solid Track Record Working with Similar Restaurants: You would be best served to find a restaurant remodeling contractor who has worked on restaurants with your volume and type of clientele. This type of contractor will know what budget you are working with. Whether you are looking for a complete transformation or you merely wish to expand your dining and kitchen areas, there is a contractor out there who has expertise in the very remodeling project you envision. A contractor who has worked on many restaurant projects will know all remodeling requirements, restaurant remodeling designs, a timeline for the project and the best remodeling material, and suppliers.
    • The Budget: Taking into account all the financial factors — your cash flow, whether you’re securing financing, whether you’re going to close down, and for how long — decide how much you can afford to spend on a renovation. No matter what, do not spend more than you can afford. And keep in mind that because of contingencies, most renovations go over budget, so your realistic restaurant renovation cost estimate should actually land at a number that’s less than what you can afford to spend. A good contractor should set the estimated cost and timeline you require to complete the remodeling. Try to find a contractor who can work fast and work smart at the same time to save you some cost.
    • Choosing a Specific Design:  The contractor will give you ideas for several designs but the basic design is up to you based on your interest and taste. Restaurant remodeling is about upgrading the design. A contractor should be able to tell you about the most recent restaurant designs. Your design must consider the space of the restaurant. A well-experienced contractor will help you in choosing the best design for your restaurant. Do you want casual or intimate restaurant designs??
    • Look for Proof of License and Insurance: Licensing will show the qualification of your contractor and insurance is excellent in case of accidents happen during the remodeling. Ask the contractor to show you the license and insurance documents for validity.
    • Average Cost of a Restaurant Remodel: Restaurant renovation costs are hardly a prix fixe situation; they can vary dramatically based on the project. Building Journal puts the national average cost for a 5,000-square-foot restaurant remodel with mid-level finishes at $160 a square foot, or $480,000. Note that this scope does not include furniture, fixtures, or restaurant equipment. What your food and beverage establishment will cost is unclear until you sit down to develop a budget.

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